mysterious love story pt 17

YO peeps. Welcome to my quiz part 17. It seems like it was no time at all since I started writing. Wow, I've gone a long way from where I started.....

First, I started with no veiwers at all and now I have a bunch. My quiz isn't popular enough to get on the front page but, I have about 400 veiwers total.

Created by: chopinssonata

  1. You expected for the glass from the plate to shatter and dig into your flesh. It didn't. You had braced yourself for it but nothing happened. You raised your head to find you hadn't had a scratch on you. But Nick and Jake did. They were standing in front of you as if they were human shields and they had protected you from the shattered glass.
  2. By this time, Greg had felt ashamed and ran to hide. Eli caught him and brought him back into the kitchen and pinned him against the fridge. Everything happened so fast. The twins's arms were bleeding. Blood was gushing out. I hurried to Chase's first aid kit and grabbed gauze, wipes, hydrogen peroxide, tweezers and bandages.
  3. While Eli fought with Greg, you brought the twins to a seperate room to patch up their wounds. "What were you thinking?". You said. "We thought you would win the argument.". "We had no idea he would throw that plate.". "Even if you didn't, then you shouldn't have done that for me.". You commented. "Don't blame us, it was just by instinct.". "Even in any other scenerio, we would protect you.". "Thanks, you guys are really sweet.". You said as color filled your cheeks.
  4. They really did know how to make you feel better. Almost like brothers, not biologically but, still brothers. It was wrong to like siblings in that way. You truly didn't see them that way. You genuinly loved them as siblings. "Youch! It stings!". One of the twins yelled as you applied hydrogen peroxide to their arm. "Calm down. Do you want this wound infected?". You said as you raised a brow.
  5. You stoped applying the medicine and waited for their answer. "There's no way I'd let you continue to-" Jake was cut off by Nick who elbowed him hard in the ribcage. "No we don't want our cuts infected. Please finish cleaning our cuts.". Nick replied as Jake reached over and pushed him over.
  6. You finished healing and bandaging their cuts and bruises. "What about a kiss to make it feel better?". Suggested Jake to whom you pushed over aggressively. He could be so immature sometimes. You walked into the kitchen and assesed the damage. There were glass shards everywhere.
  7. Yikes, that meant more work for you to do. You groaned in displeasure and gathered a damp paper towel and rubber gloves to get the job done. Eli was still lecturing Greg about his temper. Greg looked as if he would rather look through 5 rubbish bins in a row just to look for a toothpick.
  8. As you cleaned up the glass fragments, it reminded you that you had the shreded pieces of paper in your sack, two keys and an ancient locket. Not much to go by but, there wasn't really anything else. First you started with the pieces of paper. You dumped all of it onto your desk and began searching for clues or numbers.
  9. Eli came in at around midnight carrying two mugs of coffee (if you don't like coffee, then just assume it's tea or hot chocolate). His face was drained with color because of the long harsh day. He sat down next to you and gave you a smile. A smile that made you feel warm inside, it had the kindness of a mother.
  10. "What are you doing?" "Nothing.". You said immediatly. He could read you like a book. Eli arched one of his eyebrows upward and gave you a look. "Okay fine, I'm trying to find some kind of clue from the shreded paper I found. It seems to be a document of some sort.". He gave you a smile and it looks like he decided to help.

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