mysterious love story pt 16

You guys/peeps! I haven't updated in a while, so I just decided to get back up on the horse and write. Out of my three series, this is the most pepular.

I'd like to thank each and every person/user who takes this quiz because, every person counts. I have a lot of people who take my quizzes, so this is just a shout out that I say "thank you".

Created by: chopinssonata

  1. As we climbed up the ladder, your palms began to sweat and my forehead. With my sleeve you wiped my forehead and continued climbing. You had sent a text earlier to the boys warning them we'd be back at night and to keep Greg away from the dining room. Caught in the midst of your thoughts, your now sweatier palms, slipped and you fell backward into the tunnel.
  2. You felt a sudden jolt upward as I had stopped falling and was caught by Jake. How strong was this kid? He could still continue to climb and hoist you onto his back. "I have legs you know.". You commented while poking his back so he'd let you go. "Yeah but, I wouldn't want you falling into another guys arms.". He mumbled as he continued climbing.
  3. The rest of the ladder climbing wasn't that challenging since I wasn't one of the ones climbing. Geez, Jake and Nick weren't even out of breath by the time we had reached the top while Eli was covered and dripping sweat, gasping for air. ?You lifted up the panel to the dining room and the four of you hoisted yourselves up and onto the dining room carpet.
  4. You said goodnight to them and headed upstairs for a shower. You really didn't care about smell but, you smelled like garbage being incinerated with a mix of rotten cheese. As you entered you found someone sitting in a chair and facing your direction. It was Lucas. His eyes were very distinct, you could have picked them out in a heartbeat.
  5. He came over and placed his firm palms on your shoulders. He began shaking your shoulders back in fourth as if to give you back your senses. "Don't scare me like that. I was worried.". He said in a desperate voice. You had just noticed when he said those words that he had black circles under his eyes. This suggested that he hadn't gotton any sleep. This was the first time you've seen him lose his cool.
  6. "I'm sorry.". you sighed and looked down at the floor as he squeezed your hand to make sure you were still there. He gave you hug before leaving. "Lucas.". "Yeah ________. What is it?". "You might want to take a shower.". He looked down and assesed his shirt. There was dust, dirt and slime smothering his shirt. He gave a small chuckle and walked away.
  7. After your shower, you soon fell asleep to the beat of the analog clock that ticked every second. After all your daily routines, you went to the kitchen to eat breakfast. All the guys were seated down shoving food into their mouths. Chase was the only one who actually used kitchen utensils to eat. While Greg was just grumbling on about how he had to eat with all of you. You stayed behind in the kitchen to do the dishes along with Greg.
  8. Greg really looked handsome any time throughout the day. Just admitting someone looks handsome doesn't necessarily mean that you like them. Trust me, you didn't see him that way. Lucas was just a guy friend. Some friends are couples and they promise that they're still going to be friends. What happens then? Their friendship crumbles as their "relationship" does as well. You didn't want to risk the friendship, with any of them.
  9. They were too dear to you for you to end up losing them. Sure, people say we're like a family but, we're a disfunctional one. Day in and day out, we still care for one another and we make the best of things. Greg was silent except for the clacking sound of the dishes as he placed in the dishwasher.
  10. "You could at least talk. We're back after being gone a couple of days and you don't even talk to us.". "I wasn't informed you were leaving!.". He said casually before his voice grew louder. "You know I couldn't do that and risk that happening.". "What happenening? Me knowing that your safe? Is that what you want!". He was screaming now. Why didn't any of the guys hear this? "It wasn't for that reason I didn't tell you.". "What's the reason!".
  11. "I can't risk hurting anyone else.". "Darn it _________!". His anger was like a fire, it built up and then went down. He was still P.O'd. "I'm your Marshal! You should know by know that I can keep you safe.". He said as he ran his hands through his hair. "Can you? I was gone a few days from you and I was safer than I would've been at this house and with you!". You could hear the twins in the background who was going to win the argument. In his fit of anger, Greg raised the plate he was holding and threw it at you.

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