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  • I have JUST finished "The Giver" in class and it was undeniably devastating and lonely. One of the main topics we had to work with was 'freedom' but it's sort of loosely applied in this series. It's almost a utopian government but with features of what we have now mixed into it. I'm not much into those type of books where every hint of the world we have today is gone (The Giver though it's a nice book).

    The whole time reading this, the morning routines, my mind had one color, pale, light uniform blue. I have no idea why. It's definitely hard working with ideas that are in the future but you did a very nice job. Can't wait to see more :)

  • I thought this was very interesting! Futuristic, dystopian societies are always interesting to wonder about in stories - the big "what-if" our society turned into that. I thought that your sentence structure and tone was a good choice to fit the idea of the story, so please, continue ^^

  • Thank you guys so uch for this feed back. @ivoryleaf, I'm glad I could actually write something that was intresting for you that is kind of out of your reading loop. @xxblutixx, thank you very much for your thoughts. I'm coming up with a next one just give me some time!!! Thanks guys :)

  • *tiptoes in* that was awesome! *tiptoes back out*


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