Wiston Churchill

This is for a History project. It is a mock job interveiw for Winston Churchill. Take it for fun and test your history knowledge. You may even learn something.

Dear Applicant, I am looking to hire a person to help write my memoirs. I need someone with a vast amount of knowledge about my life. The person with the highest score on this quiz will be seriously considered for this job. I hope you know about me. Signed, Winston Churchill

Created by: Erik

  1. What was the prestigious award I won in 1953?
  2. What is one of my famous quotes?
  3. What did I refer to when I said "This was their finest hour"?
  4. Where was I born?
  5. When did I become Prime Minister?
  6. When I was a lieutenant, what else did I do to make extra money?
  7. What was my wife's name?
  8. Who did I succeed for Prime Minister?
  9. What minor problem did I overcome which I said was no hindrance?
  10. In both 1940 and 1949, what magazine made me man of the year?
  11. What is my favorite alcoholic drink?
  12. Why did I have to go to the Hospital during a meeting with the Italian Prime Minister?
  13. What position did I get when people started saying "Winston is back"?
  14. What nickname did the Russian's give me?
  15. What was the bombing controversy I was in the middle of?
  16. 19. In 1899, what war was I correspondent for?
  17. What was the name of one of my famous first books?
  18. What is my dad's name?
  19. What was a famous line I wrote after returning from Malakand?
  20. What was one of my favorite sports in school?
  21. What country was I an honorary citizen of?
  22. Who was my opponent for the 1945 election?

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