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This is a quiz devised to test an individual's knowledge about Gothic History, Music and Culture. I hope regardless of what you score that you enjoy taking the quiz.

How much do you really know about Gothic Music, Culture and History? Please feel free to test your knowledge with this simple quiz which I hope you enjoy taking.

Created by: Parmenion

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  1. Who supported The Sisters Of Mercy on their April 1984 Tour?
  2. Which members of a band were formally known as The Craze?
  3. Which band made their live American debut at New York's Tier 3 on 5 September 1980?
  4. Which one of the following bands supported Christian Death at their Carnival Of Atrocities in 1986?
  5. Which band's single featured dialogue from the film "Apocalypse Now"
  6. Who was affectionately known as "Squigy"?
  7. Which band's second single was originally released on "Axis Records"?
  8. Who were also sometimes known as "Bernie and Attracta"?
  9. Which band famously changed their name when they made their debut appearance on UK TV?
  10. What was the name of the band which Lol Tolhurst formed after being ousted from The Cure?
  11. Which singer worked with ex Birthday Party member Rowland S Howard?
  12. Who once played bass for Gene Loves Jezebel?
  13. Which band made their live debut at the Birmingham Powerhouse on 28 September 1983?
  14. Which band were later called Arabia after dropping their original name?
  15. Which Band released "Unacceptable Behavior" as a single?
  16. Which band covered a Sisters Of Mercy Song but changed the title to "The Sisters Of Scargil"?
  17. Which singer later went on to manage EMF?
  18. Which band released a video cassette entitled "South America"?

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