How Goth are you?

This is a quiz for mainly Goths who want to see their results as being perfect. What is a Goth? I'm not going to say, because that might reveal some of the answers. I can tell you though, that their not just a stereo-type. Goth's can be cool, and are usually cool. They don't fit in very many 'typical' places, and decide to go in a corner and make their own spot.

Are you a Goth? We'll see. If you think you know all abut the culture, then go you! But if you have doubts, still take this quiz! I'm not a true Goth my-self, so any true Goths out there, comment on how you think this is crap! And good luck. But you might not need it.

Created by: Joker1001
  1. How do you normally dress?
  2. Exactly, how do you see society as?
  3. If you had to have a bright color on, how would you prefer to wear it?
  4. What is your humor status?
  5. What do you think of stereo-types?
  6. Would you like to part of a big crowd?
  7. What do you think of this quiz? (May or may not count. You choose.)
  8. How do you care to spell, you know, the word?
  9. How often do you proclaim to be Goth?
  10. Exactly, why did you want to join the Goth culture?
  11. Where you shop?
  12. How would you define Goth as?
  13. How would you describe a typical Goth?
  14. If you had to put yourself as one school position, what would it be?
  15. What tattoos do you think a Goth should have?
  16. What do you think of the word 'They'?

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Quiz topic: How Goth am I?