How Much Do You Know About the Gothic Subculture?

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Most people know about the Gothic subculture; but a select few actually know what it's all about. This is my made-for-fun educational quiz to test how much you really know about Goths and their growing subculture.

Do You Know What It Means to be Goth? Do you know where Goth all began? Do you know fact from fiction? If so, then this quiz is perfect for you!! Please, enjoy taking this quiz! -SkarlettRose

Created by: SkarlettRose
  1. Do you consider yourself a Goth?
  2. Who were some of the bands that made the Gothic subculture more popular (they are sometimes called the Fathers of the Gothic subculture)?
  3. When did Goth become more popular?
  4. Can Goths wear colors other than black?
  5. Are Goths followers/worshippers of the Devil/Satan?
  6. Do Goths cut themselves or self-harm in any way?
  7. Are Goths homicidal; or at minimum, violent?
  8. Do Goths have a deep interest in death, the supernatural, the unexplained, etc..?
  9. Is there more than one "type" of Goth?
  10. Do you consider yourself a Goth (does not affect score)?
  11. Are Goths mentally ill?
  12. Is Goth only about the clothing?
  13. Is Goth only about the music?
  14. What genre of music do Goths like?
  15. Is "being Goth" just a phase?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About the Gothic Subculture?