Which Subculture Do You Identity With the Most?

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This quiz was speedily thrown together after an exceptionally long research session for no particular reason, the answers consist of the 3 I'm most comfortable with knowledge-wise, the most likely to get is goth, due to the unique individuality of each specific goth, the second most likely is scene, due to the fact that they are extremely common around the world, being as they tend to be more open than normal people, the least likely is emo, due simply to their rarity.

So, which are you, take this quiz to find out! You may be surprised by your results! Of course, what do I know, you could have known this all along! If this quiz isn't enjoyable, go ahead and rate it 1 star, I don't really care, so long as you're nice to those with an opposing opinion.

Created by: External Enthusiast
  1. How do you wear your hair?(Or how you WANT to wear your hair.)
  2. What clothes do you like?
  3. How do you interact with others?
  4. What type of music do you like?
  5. What is your personality?
  6. Which of these is your favorite?
  7. Standpoint on equality?
  8. What subculture do you identify as currently?
  9. Zodiac?
  10. Do you cut?
  11. [LAST QUESTION!!!] Favorite color? (don't have to answer)

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Quiz topic: Which Subculture do I Identity With the Most?