What is my true identity?

The popularity of personality and identity quizzes have sky rocketed. It is a direct result of identity crisis, a need to fit in, be a part of something or find affirmation. Who am I? Is a question humanity has tried to answer for generations. Now you might think if I ask myself some questions, I might discover my social identity at least? You cannot discover who you are in a selfie taken with your cellphone any more than you can in 10 to 12 random questions. To understand who you are is a journey and long one. However, this quiz is not designed to reveal to you who you are but where to start. One thing this quiz can promise... no bulk generic categorizations or stereotypes.

We believe your true self can only be found within the Divine. If you take this quiz you will discover you have come out of the box of categorizations and classifications. You will breathe deeply with a renewed sense of intrigue for yourself. We encourage you first and foremost to be only you!

Created by: Tara Dufour
  1. I believe true identity is a question of?
  2. I often find myself?
  3. I have found it difficult to?
  4. I find it easiest to?
  5. In situations where you feel a lack of self-confidence, it most likely originates from?
  6. I am the most free in myself?
  7. I can?
  8. I suffer from not knowing who I am?
  9. I need something out side of myself to survive?
  10. True or False, life is what I make it?
  11. I know that I am more than I appear to be?

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