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This quiz is about Dc comics identity crisis characters.the amount of characters you can be related to in this quiz is four characters.There will be 10 questions that you will answer and remember choose the answer that relates to you.

This quiz is for those to see that heroes have there bad days ,worst days and then there angry days. showing that they wont always be good everyday and that they will make mistaken

Created by: Dkarvyon

  1. If someone you cared about was murdered what would you do.?
  2. If there was a murder out there targeting your friends and family and you don't know who they are what would you do?
  3. Would you mind wipe someone if they knew your secret identity
  4. Would you mind wipe a fellow hero if they tried to stop you from mind destroying a villain
  5. If you thought you knew who the murderer was what would you do
  6. If the person you thought was the murderer but wasn't the murderer what would you do?
  7. Would you think the murderer was a close friend
  8. If it was one of your friends what would you do
  9. Would you go visit them in jail
  10. If they died in jail would you want to see them

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