MidLife Crisis Quiz

This is just a short quiz you can take to try and determine whether you might be suffering from a mid-life crisis. A lot of women (and men!) experience one, and these days they're happening earlier and earlier. We're all under a lot of pressure in our lives, from our careers to our families, and we don't always feel like we're measuring up, or that we've achieved those goals we all set for ourselves back in our 20's.

Are you experiencing a midlife crisis, or are you likely to experience one in the future? This quiz will help you determine where you fall on the crisis spectrum and offer some solutions for coping.

Created by: varanus
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  1. Do you ever feel anxious about your life and the direction it's taken?
  2. Do you compare yourselves to friends and relatives and worry you're not measuring up?
  3. Have you begun dressing differently from your normal style?
  4. Have you been spending more money than usual in the past 6 months to a year on personal items such as jewelry, cosmetics, or clothing?
  5. Does planning for your future ever make you feel worried or depressed?
  6. Do you ever wish you'd done something differently, or that you could go back and change the choices you've made in your life?
  7. Are you reluctant or embarrassed to tell people your age?
  8. Have you recently begun an exercise or dieting program in an attempt to look younger?
  9. Have you had, or are you thinking of having cosmetic surgery?
  10. Do you feel worried or depressed about your birthday?
  11. Do you celebrate your birthday?
  12. Is your career a source of stress for you?
  13. Would you consider changing careers?
  14. Do you ever feel bitter or angry about your life?
  15. Do you avoid looking at pictures of younger people because they make you feel bad about yourself?
  16. Do you look back on your past self with longing or feelings of loss?
  17. Do you often worry about your health?
  18. Do you avoid discussing with loved ones what you would like for them do after you're gone?
  19. Do you ever ask people how old they think you are?
  20. Do you dye or pluck any gray hairs you find?
  21. Do you use any anti-aging skin creams or lotions?
  22. Do you feel ashamed of your appearance due to your age?
  23. Do you ever lie to people about your accomplishments or your career?
  24. Have you made any large purchase you couldn't really afford lately, such as a vacation, a car, or a new home?
  25. Do you ever feel bored or unfulfilled?
  26. Does the thought of your future frighten you?
  27. Do you ever feel restricted or trapped?
  28. Do you ever fantasize about ways your life could have been different or better?

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