How well do you know Rwanda's crisis in 1994?

Many people have recently studied Rwanda's crisis in 1994. It was terrible to see one million people die in less than half a year. The US unfortunately did not do anything.

Do you know anything about Rwanda? Do you know where Rwanda even is? Until know, I bet you don't know Rwanda. Now I bet you probably will get it stuck in your head.

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  1. How many people died during the genocide?
  2. What were the two groups of the genocide?
  3. What country had colonized Rwanda, then left during the genocide?
  4. What was the fraction of Rwanda's population that died?
  5. One group had large noses. What were they?
  6. One group had broad shoulders. What were they?
  7. Did the UN help?
  8. What started the genocide?
  9. What was a problem in Rwanda?
  10. Lastly, where is Rwanda itself?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Rwanda's crisis in 1994?