Four Weddings and a Funeral quote IDs

Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994, dir. Mike Newell) is a rarely watched movie that has a wonderful cast and excellent quotes! It was But... who said what? And when?

Can YOU correctly choose the answers out of the myriad of choices? Who told her friend that a dress looks like a meringue? Which poet is quoted at the end? Who was always married without admitting it? Well, this quiz will tell you!

Created by: NikoAlexi

  1. Who says, "Brigadoon! It's bloody brigadoon!"
  2. Which two characters have this exchange? "Where's Gareth?" "Torturing Americans." "How thoughtful of him."
  3. Who says, "The great advantage of having a reputation for being stupid: People are less suspicious of you."
  4. Carrie: Having a good night? Charles: Yes. It's right up there with my father's funeral for sheer entertainment value. Which wedding does this exchange take place at?
  5. "The first time I saw _____ dance I was afraid that lives would be lost." Who says this, and about whom?
  6. Character 1: "[At wedding one, the bride walks down the aisle] Isn't she beautiful?" Character 2: "_____, you're blind, she looks like a big meringue." Which two characters have this exchange? (Character 1 is listed first, order DOES matter)
  7. To whom is this said? "Fabulous dress. The ecclesiastical purple and the pagan orange symbolizing the mystical symbiosis in marriage between the heathen and Christian traditions?"
  8. Charles: Yes, it's odd, isn't it? All these years we've been single and proud of it and never noticed that two of us were, in effect, married all this time. Tom: Traitors in our midst. Who are they talking about?
  9. Gareth: It's hell out there. Matthew's trapped with an evangelist from Minnesota. Why would this be *particularly* uncomfortable for Matt?
  10. "Some of you have been kind enough to ring me to tell me that you loved him, which I know he'd be thrilled to hear. You remember his fabulous hospitality... his strange experimental cooking. The recipe for "Duck a la Banana" fortunately goes with him to h
  11. Matthew speaks at Gareth's funeral. He describes other people's reactions to Gareth (ranging from very fat to very rude (although his friends loved him dearly)). When it comes time for Matt to describe his lover, he says, "As for me, you may ask how I'll
  12. Fiona: The truth is... well, the truth is, I have met the right person, and he's not in love with me, and until I stop loving him, no one else really has a chance. Who is the lucky guy?

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