CSI Quote Personality Quiz

This CSI quote personality quiz was meant to be quick and painless. For each question just pick your favorite CSI quote, or whatever one sounds like something you would say. Go through relatively quickly so that you dont second guess yourself. Ignore the context of each quote, they were meant to be random.

By the end of this quiz, you will find out which CSI (out of Grissom, Brass, Warrick, Catherine, Sara, Greg and Hodges/Doc Robbins) you communicate like the most. Realistically it will just tell you whose quotes you like the best, but oh well. Have fun!

Created by: Rebecca
  1. Pick one quote.
  2. Pick one quote.
  3. Pick one quote.
  4. Pick one quote.
  5. pick one quote.
  6. Pick one quote.
  7. Pick one quote.
  8. Pick a quote.
  9. Pick one quote.
  10. Pick one quote.
  11. Pick one quote.
  12. Pick one quote.
  13. Pick one quote.
  14. Pick one quote.
  15. Pick one quote

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