Wedding questions

Well, it's Sunday, the Phillies are winning and I'm feeling creative, so what better reason than that is there to create a quiz? Okay, there are many, many better reasons, but hey, I felt like it anyway.

In honor of my friends' upcoming nuptials, I decided to do one about weddings and such - ones that I have been to. Yeah, I don't expect too many people to know too many, since not all of you were around for all of these. Still, though, I figure you may remember a little from hearing me talk.

Created by: Damien Morris
  1. After Nate and Linda's, how many weddings will I have attended?
  2. Whose was my first?
  3. Since I attended my first two weddings in 1996, I have attended at least one in every year except..
  4. The most weddings I attended in one year was...
  5. And what year was that?
  6. I missed Matt and Nancy's ceremony because...
  7. Kristen and Michael's wedding was the first one I went to...
  8. After Pennsylvania, I have been to more weddings in this state.
  9. How many Sunday weddings have I attended?
  10. Which of these is the only month in which I have never attended someone's wedding?
  11. My friends Ken and Kat got married right before...
  12. Which of these things did I not do before Denise and Josh's wedding?
  13. Dominic and Denise's wedding was my first one...
  14. At her and Paul's wedding, Kathy said this to me, and it made me laugh.
  15. At whose wedding did I catch the garter?
  16. According to Bekah, now that she is married, I'm allowed to do this with another woman:
  17. Who were the Flyers playing the afternoon Jon and Andrea got married?
  18. When he married Leah, Jason had his groomsmen come in to what theme song?
  19. Brian and Laura got married in this lovely little town.
  20. Sticking with geography - where did Matt and Annika get married?
  21. I brought this with me to Debbie and Steve's wedding, as per her request.
  22. Tom and Jamie got married right around this holiday...
  23. The farthest I traveled for a wedding was Marj and Phil's in 2001. That one was held in this city...
  24. Which of these people wasn't at Buck and Mic's wedding?
  25. And finally... Who should win "American Idol"?

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