Our Wedding Quiz

We created this wedding quiz to test our friends and family on how well they know us. We are glad that you are up for this challenge and willing to give a bit of your time to take this quiz.

This wedding quiz is just for FUN!! We hope that you will enjoy taking this quiz as much as we enjoy putting together this quiz. In a few minutes, you will find out how well you know Karen and Jay! Good Luck!!!

Created by: Karen
  1. How did Karen and Jay meet?
  2. How long have they known each other?
  3. What is the exact date of their anniversary?
  4. When and where did they get engage?
  5. How did Jay propose?
  6. What is their favorite hot drink?
  7. What is their favorite local TV show?
  8. What is their favorite past-time?
  9. What is Jay's real name?
  10. What name do they call each other?

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