Where Will Your Wedding Take Place?

A wedding if your one day to celebrate the love you share between you and your chosen one! This day, my friend, marks all of eternity, so it must me to your liking, am i wrong?

Can you not wait for your dream wedding either? Is it this year or in a long long while? Have you found him yet? Have you began planning already? Where will it be?!

Created by: Heidi
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. If you and your fiance (or dream fiance) were a movie, what genre would you be?
  2. Your Dream Dress Color Is?
  3. Your honeymoon would take place in..?
  4. How Do you see yourself in a few years?
  5. Who is your officiant?
  6. Do you have a theme?
  7. What type of songs will play at your wedding?
  8. Meal eaten at the wedding will be..
  9. Alcohol?
  10. What song will be played down the aisle?
  11. Describe a typical Sunday

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Quiz topic: Where will Ir Wedding Take Place?