The perfect wedding accessory quiz

Find your perfect House of Istria accessory by taking our fun QUIZ! First suss out your style, and then see what we recommend to make the most of your beautiful dress and wedding style.

Are you Vintage, Classic, Whimsical, Society? Tell us what type of bride you are by answering these questions and we will tell you what suits you and your style best!

Created by: House of Istria
  1. What do you want your guests to think of your wedding?
  2. What is your most likely colour scheme?
  3. What is your dream honeymoon?
  4. Let's talk dresses! Your dream dress is;
  5. How many bridesmaids (including Maid of Honour) are you having?
  6. What will your main meal on the day consist of?
  7. What's on your feet?
  8. What's in your bouquet?
  9. What's your mode of transportation?
  10. My first dance will be

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