What wedding will you have? (girls only)

Ahh, a wedding. Probably the most important part in any girls dream is to have the perfect wedding.Your wedding day is a very important moment for you and you want to look like a princess, to be the most beautiful bride ever. The question is... what kind of wedding best fits you?

Are YOU ready to find out what your future wedding will be like? Will it be in the summer? Will it be in a castle? Will it be the wedding of your dreams? Find out answering only 12 easy questions and your destiny wedding will be revealed to you! (P.S you must be a girl to take this quiz)

Created by: Missy Prissy Cat
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your hair color?
  2. Would you rather have your hair up or down on your wedding?
  3. What kind of dress do you want on your wedding?
  4. What color flower do you want to carry down the aile?
  5. Would you wear jewelary on your wedding day? If yes than how much? (besides the ring)
  6. What would your lucky guy be like?
  7. What's your home like?
  8. Do you like the sun?
  9. What cake would you order for your wedding?
  10. What is your favourite season?

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Quiz topic: What wedding will I have? (girls only)