What Category of Guest Seating Should You Have at Your Wedding

This quiz was developed to provide guidelines for couples grappling with the issue of seating assignments at their wedding reception. There are four possible options and this quiz will help you decide what is right for you.

Based on guest types, guest attitudes and behaviors, this quiz will provide you with a realistic recommendation for successful guest seating. Please use your own judgement and knowledge of your friends and family to make your final decision.

Created by: Jan

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  1. Has your family ever been compared to the Hatfields or the McCoys?
  2. How frequently do your friends camp outside movie theaters to be the first to watch a hot new release?
  3. Knowing your friends and family, if they say they will come to the wedding how likely are they to actually show?
  4. How much time to you have to devote to developing seating charts?
  5. How many guests are you inviting?
  6. Will there be many children at the wedding?
  7. What type of food service will be offered?
  8. Will you have dancing at the reception?
  9. Do you plan to serve alcoholic beverages at the reception?
  10. How long will it take guests to drive from the ceremony to the reception site?

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Quiz topic: What Category of Guest Seating should I Have at my Wedding