Which Category Do I Choose From?

So you have wondered what category of display names is perfect for you.You have taken a glimpse at all of them, have chosen a few that you like, but are not sure what to go for.

Now the choice is simple with this easy-to-take quiz.Are you a true blue friend?Or is love more for you?Do you like witty quotes?Or are you yearning to post your name for all of your friends to see? This quiz will let you know what you have been asking:Which Category Do I Choose From?

Created by: Emily of Cool Display Names
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  1. Do you like the cooldisplaynames website?
  2. Do you have friends that would do anything for you?
  3. Do you like your name,the meaning,or just yourself in general?
  4. Do you enjoy special quotes? For example:"Love,Live,Laugh"
  5. Do you love someone or have ever loved someone?(Not in your family,like a boyfriend/girlfriend)
  6. Are you enjoying this quiz?
  7. When you are on Myspace,who do you normally talk to?
  8. Are you happy?
  9. What most describes you?
  10. Did you like this quiz?

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