The truth about your guy?

This quiz was made so girls can figure out if there guy is the average guy,a player, or a mommies boy. It is to help us girls to know what to expect and look for. And, when to be alarmed. If he is right or wrong.

So if you wonder your guy is like what. Then, take this quiz. It will help and teach you knew things. If you have any questions.It will only take about a few minutes to take. You will then find the truth! Better know than never!

Created by: Jess
  1. What kind of sheets does he have on his bed?
  2. Who make the desicions?
  3. What is his body-language?
  4. How does he touch you?
  5. What does he do?
  6. What is on his computer.
  7. What does he stare at?
  8. Is kids in the future?
  9. Does he make you do stuff?
  10. What is like talking?

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Quiz topic: The truth about my guy?