Family guy Knowledge

Do you think you know all there is to know about family guy? well put that to the test in this mind bending quiz! be sure to watch all the Family Guy episode you can and try to prep the mind. It will take a portion of you cunning- NO! All of you cunning to complete this quiz!

Go On, Try it out. You can always retake if you suck! You probably will suck so don't gt to cocky! Really, it's hard to even comprehend how you could even consider to take this but if you REALLY think you can then do it!! Oh! one mor thing... "Do you swear to tell the truth the hole truth and nothing but the truth so help you god?" "I do... ya basterd"

Created by: gciscrazy
  1. What is Stewie's lifetime goal
  2. What's The Word?...
  3. What's Chris's greatest fear
  4. What's Stewie's Bear's Name
  5. What's Meg's real fathers' name?
  6. What Extra Appendage was meg born with?
  7. What did Peter claim his name was when caught at the rehab center?
  8. What does peter Do with his slave Reparation money?
  9. Why dod peter tape brian to his face?
  10. what happened when peter ate 30 hamburgers?
  11. What happened for the first time hen peter was 30?

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