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Everyone is an expert at something, whether they can prove it or not. This quiz will test your knowledge of things you can care less about. Mostly for the hunting crowd.

Are you good enough to be in the woods with a gun? Can you go hunting with confidence? Could you bore friends and family with this new knowledge? Will they talk to you afterward?

Created by: Brente

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  1. What is the gauge of a .410 shotgun?
  2. If you fired a 22lr bullet from a rifle with at least a 20" barrel, what would the stopping power be equal to?
  3. If you had a .44 calibre automatic and the same thing in a revolver, would there be a difference in muzzle velocity?
  4. Where was the "Kentuckey long rifle" made.
  5. How did the Pioneers "Blue" their rifle and pistol barrels?
  6. What is the biggest gauge ever made for a shotgun?
  7. Who captured the arsenal at Harper's Ferry in the 1800's?
  8. Who first invented shaving
  9. If you shot yourself in the left foot, could you drive to the hospital?
  10. If you were at a ball game sitting beside a gorgeous woman and a foulf ball hit her in the boob, would it break your fingers?

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