How Smart Are You Quiz?

Do you have the brains in the family? Well try out this quiz and you can find out. Get everyone in the family to have a go and see if you can beat them.

Do you think you have the brains to take this quiz and get 100% at it? Until now you can find out if you have the brains. There are a load of random questions which are to do with maths,animals and general knowledge. Hope you enjoy it!

Created by: Gemma of Babybluepink77
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  1. It's the first of July. Your best friends birthday is 27 days after the 17th of July. Whens her Birthday?
  2. You need to catch a train at 12pm. it takes 5 hours to your work. You then work for 3 1/2 hours and then get back on the train. It takes you 10 minutes to walk home. What time do you get back?
  3. You go to the pub and meet 15 friends there and your buying the drinks. 5 of them want beer for £2.50 each, 2 of them want orange juice for £1.00 each, 5 of them want a bottle of champagne each for £5.87 each and 3 of the want a gin and tonic each for £3.59 each. What is the total cost?
  4. A farmer has 50 chickens. there are 365 days in a year. 25 chickens lay 3 eggs a day, 15 chickens lay 2 eggs a day, 9 chickens lay 1 egg a day and 1 chicken lays 0 eggs a day. How many eggs does the farmer get a year?
  5. What is pedophobia a fear of?
  6. What is bathmophobia a fear of?
  7. What is 11x11-11+11/11? (/=Divide)
  8. Do snails sleep?
  9. How much sleep should an adult get?
  10. How do butterflies taste things?

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