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There are many smart people, but not very many SUPER smart people. Are you SUPER smart? Do you know your journalism? Well here is a place where you can test out your knowledge and see just how SUPER smart you are.

So if you want to find out if you are SUPER smart you'll have to go ahead and take this quiz. Quiz. What is a quiz? IT is this thing you are going to take and it is going to find out just how smart you are. so go ahead and take it.

Created by: courtnie
  1. According to a National Institute of Mental Health study
  2. In his book, NO SENSE OF PLACE, Joshua Meyorwitz concludes that
  3. Joseph McCarthy did all but which of the following
  4. "who? says what? on which channel? to whom? with what effect?" is a communication model that was designed by
  5. the two step flow of communication is
  6. Getting a newspaper to write stories about a new toy is an example of
  7. In the future, PR people must
  8. Which of the following is NOT a defense against libel
  9. Carolyn Martindale's study of ethnic groups in THE NEW YORK TIMES indicates that
  10. According to David M. Potter, in the book PEOPLE OF PLENTY, when does advertising being "to fulfill a really essential economic function"?
  11. After Congress held hearings on violent content in TV programming in 1993, cable operators and network broadcasters agreed:
  12. After the Roth and Miller cases, determining obscenity is the responsibility of:
  13. The Cantril study of media effects found that
  14. Marshall McLuhan is best remembered for which concept?
  15. Researcher Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann says the media discourage people from expressing views that disagree with the prevailing point of view. She calls this effect
  16. The 1971 study of violence and TV (Television and Social Behavior) found that
  17. The nation's largest single employer of public information people is:
  18. Which medium, when its use became widespread, first prompted scholars to expand their study and analysis of the effects of media on society
  19. The Public Relations Society of America
  20. After studying the 1972 presidential race (THE UNSEEING EYE), researchers Thomas Patterson and Robert McClure concluded that political advertising on TV
  21. Part of the rising cost of presidential campaigns is due to
  22. Which of the following was not part of the "Declaration of Principles" published by Ivy Lee in 1906 on behalf of his public relations firm, Lee & Parker?
  23. Which was the first major media effects study to find taht people with different personality characteristics interpreted media messages differently?
  24. An example of well-managed "crisis public relations" occurred during:
  25. Which of the following was not an attempt by government to control free speech?
  26. the first publicity firms in the US were hired to
  27. The media can invade privacy by
  28. The theory that alleged that ideas from the media were in a direct causal relationship to behavior was called the
  29. The V-Chip and the Child Online Protection Act
  31. The SHEPPARD v. MAXWELL case
  32. Children who watch a lot of television, according to a 1981 California study:

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