Bondsman Test - Practice

So, you've been through all the classes. Driven up and down to Columbia to take them and probably spent HUNDREDS of dollars in gas (it's four dollars a gallon!!! SO I'D BE SURPRISED IF YOU DIDN'T). After all that you think that you're ready for the Bondsman final test.

Are you ready to be a bondsman? You better be cause you done left me in the house for four days while you get this education you wanted!!! So let's see if you have the brainpower to get through my practice test and see if all this work as paid off.

Created by: Monyetta
  1. A person over the age of eighteen that is determined to be unable to manage his/her property is appointed to a(n)...
  2. All bonds listed below is considered probate bonds EXCEPT...
  3. Which of the following is a SAFE BURGLARY?
  4. Based on the definition, which of the following might be considered forgeries?
  5. An employee in the accounting department makes an error that cheats the employer out of $5,000. The Employee is unaware of the error, Could this loss be covered?
  6. The court appointed custodian of property belonging to a person determined to be unable to properly manage his/her property
  7. Sometimes called the PRINCIPAL
  8. Sometimes called an endorsement
  9. When boxes of expensive computer software are delivered to the insured's office, an employee figures that no one would notice if oine was missing, so he takes one home. However, the insured does discover that a box is missing and has proof that will implicate the guilty employee. Could this loss be covered?
  10. A surety company that receives its charter in another state is considered
  11. A possibility of a loss occurring would be an example of:
  12. A surety agent owener can only solicit business if
  13. The policyholder or insured is
  14. A surety contract that helps restores the policy holder the same financial condition prior to a loss is called...
  15. A surety producer must make a financial and personal background investigation as part of being a field underwriter:
  16. When the aggregate limit is exhausted by payments the underwriter has:
  17. A conditional contract requires
  18. A principle is a party to a bond whose performance or honesty is being bonded.
  19. The terms Principle, Obligee, and surety best describes all of the parties to a surety bond.
  20. Only one of three employees involved in a $10,000.00 theft loss is scheduled. The limit of the bond scheduled for that employee is $5,000. How much could the insured collect for this loss?
  21. The obligee is the person WHOM
  22. Fidelity bonds indemnify private employers against loss sustained through:
  23. Which of the following statements regarding surety bonds is true?
  24. The director may work in a pa art time position if it is non-related to the insurance
  25. HOw many times can an applicant, after complying with all requirements, take a state exam in a 12 month period?
  26. A custodian of a bank is a...
  27. The director of Insurance may fine a licensed surety producer of an amount up to $2500 for his failure to timely report a change of address
  28. What agency administers the surely bond guarantee program:
  29. The director of Insurance my waive a licensing exam for any applicant who has successfully achieved
  30. The Labor License and regulation board assist the director of Insurance when necessary in issuing and overseeing surety licenses
  31. Under "Inside the Premises- Theft of Money and securities insuring agreement", all of the following property is covered except:
  32. Controversies between parties to a contract usually arise from ____________ in the contract
  33. What was originally provided by means of individual fidelity bonds which each covered a named employer
  34. Under the outside The Premises insuring agreement, extortion is
  35. There are three elements to a contract
  36. Intentionally withholding a material fact from insurance application is
  37. On what kind of project is it sometimes particularly advisable to have the contract monies assigned to a bank as collateral
  38. The surety is the protected party receiving the promise
  39. A person who is arrested by the Immigration and Naturalization service and is issued a warrant arrest may be eligible for
  40. Suppose the custodian is threatened with a gun by a would-be thief. Only after the thief leaves with the goods, dropping the gun as he flees, the custodian learns the gun was not loaded. could this qualify as a robbery?

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