Test Yr Morality!

This is just a practice test I put together, using questions from a test I had already written longhand. There's nothing much to this, and unlike other quizzes, this one will seem a bit random and not really related. That's fine. That's why it is practice.

Basically, it is to quiz morality, but with a baseline neutrality, mid-level flawed morality (not "evil", just flawed), and flat out crazy. I wasn't sure how to weight the questions per the variables. Like I said, I'm still learning this.

Created by: Tor
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your taste in music leans toward:
  2. Someone makes a threat on the life of your friend. It seems that they are serious. You:
  3. Fabric. Your pick?
  4. #1 Car Attribute.
  5. Of the below, your style is best described as:
  6. In a Pet, you are looking for:
  7. In your experience, people are...
  8. Divinity. Your opinion?
  9. You think lying...
  10. Rules and law are...

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