Would You Kill to Make the World Better?

Many people have yet to realize how terrible the world outside of them is. The world is (sic) with a terminal illness. The only way to stop is to go to the extreme. To sacrifice morality and to let go of things dear.

Could you kill another person for the sake of humanity? Will you be willing to stop evil even if it meant being cast out from society and hated by the world? Take this quiz to find out!! :D

Created by: daniel
  1. Would you join the military?
  2. Would you join the local law enforcement?
  3. Do you have strong support for a certain cause?
  4. If wanted to make the world a better place, would you break the law to do it? Even if it was the right thing to do?
  5. Do you think criminals deserve harsher punishment?
  6. Which of these fictional characters do you like the most?
  7. If you fought crime on your own agenda, what would you do with captured criminals?
  8. Why would you fight crime in the first place?
  9. Would you kill someone evil in front of their family?
  10. If you fought crime as a vigilante, would you be willing to pay for your actions, if caught by the police?
  11. When executing criminals, what would be your weapon of choice?
  12. How do YOU feel about taking another life?
  13. Could you kill for a good cause, even if it meant your friends, loved ones, and the world hated you?
  14. Would you enjoy killing for the good of humanity?

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