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  • It's got only one issue, which is that it assumes the would-be vigilante is either a lame-ass or benevolent. There seemed to be few options befiting of true psycho axe-murderers.

    E Lunatic
  • doese any one here want to take back this world i need more people to be successfull this world is bulls--- i dont want to work for money pay rent deal with all of todays bulls--- i want to keep myself going grow and cook my own food you can do what ever you want how ever you want as long as its away from me just help me out email me at [no emails] hurry up b----es the end is coming peace out

  • i really HATED this quiz, it told me i was weak, but i am not weak, i could make a lot of ppl cry in my class if i chose to use my violence!!!!!! i could beat ppl up too! i just will not kill. it is not rite.

    x aka mrlq x
  • OMG this quiz is slightly scary...but i like it...very darkly funny heehee nice =) have fun killing crimnals b*tchs

    tinkerbel is emo
  • chain mail is gay

    good quiz even though you said it said i was a psycho -_-

  • lol 72 hard core... time to get my glock out


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