PD4 Southeast Asia Practice

Here is your discussion question: Explain Southeast Asia. Of course, you should already know how to explain Southeast Asia, but in case you need some review, here's a practice test. Good luck!

Do you know your Southeast Asia? Use this test to practice for the real thing in 4th period. Hopefully this will help and everyone will get Bs and As so that we can have a pizza party. Good luck!

Created by: Steven

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  1. Insular Southeast Asian countries are situated near an area in the Pacific Ocean known as?
  2. Which Southeast Asian country is the most technologically developed?
  3. What is the primary religion of Brunei?
  4. Who is the Pro-democracy leader of Myanmar?
  5. Who is the current leader of the Philippines?
  6. Who is the current leader of Singapore?
  7. What country in Southeast Asia is the largest archipelago?
  8. Which Southeast Asian country gained independence in 2002?
  9. What is the main river in Myanmar?
  10. Who is the current prime minister of Malaysia?
  11. The former names of Thailand and Myanmar respectively are?
  12. The Maha Muni is located in which city and country?
  13. What incident occurred in Vietnam in March 1968?
  14. Which of the following is Laos best known for?
  15. What is the largest ethnic group in Singapore?
  16. Which of these is not a characteristic of Singapore?
  17. Singapore gives itself the founding date of what year?
  18. Brunei gained independence from who and in what year?
  19. Malaysia and Brunei have what type of governmental figurehead?
  20. The Philippines gained its independence from who and in what year?
  21. What two couples were rivals for power in the Philippines?
  22. Which of these superlatives belong to Indonesia?
  23. What is the name of the former US naval base located in the Philippines?
  24. The motto of Indonesia is?
  25. Prior to the creation of Indonesia in 1949, all the big shots knew the country as what?
  26. Suharto gains power from Sukarno and rules for how long?
  27. What cultural phenomenon is located in central Myanmar?
  28. What are the monetary units of Myanmar and Thailand respectively?
  29. What country was the leading rice exporter in the 1950s?
  30. Which country in Southeast Asia was never conquered by a European power?
  31. Which of these superlatives does not belong to Singapore?
  32. Which of the following was not a problem Yudhoyono had to deal with?
  33. What is the name of the building in which the king of Thailand resides?
  34. Who led an army and defeated the French at Dien Bien Phu in 1954?
  35. Why did Cambodia's population decrease so dramatically in the 1970s and 1980s?
  36. Which of the following countries is Borbordur located in?
  37. What group of people were persecuted by the Vietnamese because of their efforts in saving American pilots during the Vietnam War?
  38. What are the two most renowned temples in Thailand and Cambodia respectively?
  39. Which country is known as Southeast Asia's #1 rice exporter and #1 tourist spot?
  40. Over 1/2 the population of Indonesia is within what age group?

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