Colonisation of Southeast Asia

Here is a quiz, a brief snapshot into some of the events that occurred in Southeast Asia during the Colonial period. This region has an amazing history each area offerring vastly different experiences of life as a colony.

Test your knowledge here. Do you think your a bit of a quiz whiz? See how your skills get you through this challenging quiz! Can you become a Social Science Star? Take this quiz and you can find out!

Created by: Kristy Dunn
  1. Which of these Southeast Asian countires was colonised by the British?
  2. What were the countries Loas, Cambodia and Vietnam known as during colonial rule?
  3. When did Indonesia gain independence from the Dutch?
  4. What European power colonised the Philippines?
  5. What is the name of the country formerly known as Burma?
  6. Was Thailand colonised?
  7. In what country did the Khmer rouge take power?
  8. Who colonised the Philippines after the Spanish?
  9. What was the last Southeast Asian country to gain independence?
  10. What European power colonised the most Southeast asian countries?
  11. Who colonised Brunei?

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