Southeast Asia Quiz

Southeast Asia has an interesting and war torn history. Take this quiz to see if you are up to speed on some of the facts and colonial powers in Southeast Asia.

Some of the questions will be challenging, are you up to it? Test yourself and strive to be the best! A Social Science Star 100%? Take the quiz and see!

Created by: Kristy Dunn
  1. Name a country in Southeast Asia that was colonised by British colonists.
  2. Who was the colonial power of Indochina?
  3. Who colonised the East Indies?
  4. What country did the Spanish colonise?
  5. What was Indonesia formerly known as?
  6. Who was the leader of the Khmer Rouge?
  7. What two colonies gained independence in 1949?
  8. When did Myanmar gain independence?
  9. What political system did the Khmer Rouge try to implement?
  10. Who colonised the Philippines after the Spanish?

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