Will you go to my version of Hell?

This is sort of like Dante's inferno, this is my first quiz and is very personal and judgmental, speak the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Comment and Rate. This is my Hell and my beliefs on what would happen. I hope you enjoy this quiz.

So do you wander where YOU will go in my version of hell? I doubt it but I think it was fun to make and I hope you find it amusing, remember this is ONLY a test, nobody really knows for sure what will happen when we die. I love making these quizzes already so you may see many more from me.

Created by: John K.

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  1. Have you ever praised God?
  2. Do you have faith in Jesus, or any other prophet that your religion is right?
  3. Have you ever made someone feel terrible or hurt them emotional to where they disliked you a lot?
  4. How many times do you trick someone to make them feel stupid?
  5. Have/will you ever steal from someone?
  6. Do you contact or attend Satan worship?
  7. Do you help others even with things you hate doing?
  8. True or False people sometimes deserve death.
  9. Do you lie?
  10. have you ever killed 3 or more people
  11. Have you ever blackmailed or made someones life Hell?
  12. True or False it is okay and acceptable to listen to death metal and bands that are involved with the Devil?

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Quiz topic: Will I go to my version of Hell?