Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? (2005 version)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is both a book and film that has captured the hearts and imaginations of people both young and old. A unique idea that has been brought to life by the magic of film is loved by many a generation.

Almost everybody has heard of it, but how muh do you know about this famous masterpiece. You can test your knowledge on the most up-to-date version of the film and find out whether you're all clued-up or totally clueless abuot Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Created by: Mollie

  1. The film is based on the book by...?
  2. Which visitor gets sucked up into a chocolate river?
  3. When in the boat underground, what are the Oompa-Loompas doing to symbolise whipped cream?
  4. What does the pink boat shaped like?
  5. What Haloow'een costume is Willy Wonka wearing as a child in his flashback?
  6. Who is the film directed by?
  7. How many people played Oompa-Loompas?
  8. Who was the first child to find a golden ticket?
  9. What is the second course of the special bubblegum?
  10. What is the result of Violet being sqeezed back into shape?
  11. What rating is the film given?
  12. Which guardian does Violet bring with her?
  13. Where did Veruca end up after being attacked by squirrels?
  14. What happened to Mike TV?
  15. Finish the name of this chocolate bar: Wonka Whipple Scrumptious...

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