How much do you really know about chocolate??

This quiz is about chocolate. The questions are not hard and if anything we hope you learn a little more about it then you did before!Chocolate is such a universal food that we hope this will help to get the facts straight

Think you know everything about chocolate? Guess again. I bet there will be at least one thing on here you didnt know! But thanks to this great quiz, created just for you, in just a few minutes you will know a little bit more'!

Created by: Tahlia
  1. What is the healthy fatty acid found within cocoa butter?
  2. What is the white stuff that forms on chocolate when you leave it out?
  3. What is the best temperature to store chocolate at?
  4. Do you like chocolate
  5. What is the main component in the cocoa bean?
  6. What is your favorite chocolate
  7. Dark chocolate is chocolate without what added?
  8. Chocolate is made from what bean?
  9. What happens when you melt chocolate and then try to thicken it again?
  10. Can you bake with chocolate?

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Quiz topic: How much do I really know about chocolate??