Which Chocolate Brand are you most like?

There Are Many people who love chocolates. People would love butterfinger, or snickers, or reeses! After all, Chocolate is a classic pastry to everyone. whats classic? The answer is, its original!

Which Chocolate Are YOU Most Like? is your chocolate soft or rough? Then You Think about it. Say Thank You To This Delightful but Delicious Quiz! Cause you will get the result in a few minutes.

Created by: Lola J. Garcia
  1. Choose a kind of bar.
  2. Milk or dark chocolate?
  3. What should it be filled with?
  4. Why Would You like that chocolate?
  5. What Color is the label?
  6. Do You Have To Eat it with the wrapper on your finger or you can eat it free hand? (You Won't Be Able To Get This Question)
  7. How Much Does it cost?
  8. Can You Break it in half?
  9. is it soft or rough?
  10. are your teeth sharp or straight enough to bite the chocolate bar?

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Quiz topic: Which Chocolate Brand am I most like?