Are You A Good Shopper?

ARE YOU A GOOD SHOPPER?? YOU MAY THINK SO BUT TAKE THIS QUIZ TO FIND OUT THE TRUTH!!! Maybe you are maybe you are not either way take this quiz and find the truth you could be someone totally different but I just hope you find out the truth about yourself whether you are or not have fun taking this quiz it is the best quiz ever made and I know you will love it and you will find out the truth have fun and find out the truth!

Are you a fashionable person? Are you a good shopper take this quiz 2 find out!!!! I hope you find the inner you some where you could be someone on the inside and then you could somebody totally different on the outside you should take this quiz to find out what is the truth and what is not you will love this whole quiz I know it and if you do not I am really sorry have fun anyway you ROCK ANYWAY!

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  1. When you go to the mall what do you buy?
  2. Do you ever buy something you do not need?
  3. When you look in your closet what do you see?
  4. How long do you keep old clothes?
  5. Do you buy a lot of make up?
  6. Do you go shopping a lot?
  7. Do you eat a lot when you go out?
  8. Do you invite friends when you go out?
  9. What do you buy most of when you go to the store?
  10. How long do you shop?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Good Shopper?