Are you a savvy shopper?

A Savvy Shopper is someone who knows how to spend her money wisely and find great deals, all while looking fabulous! Take this quiz and find out if you are making the right decisions or just expensive/cheap ones!

Are you a Savvy Shopper? Do you know when to beef up your budget and when to scrimp and save? Find out if you are wasting your time and money or if you are a Savvy Shopper after all!

Created by: Milena Joy

  1. If you walked into a store with a gift card for $500, you would likely walk out with:
  2. Alterations are...
  3. The one thing all my clothes have in common
  4. You just found out about a black tie event that is happening next month, you:
  5. You usually find out about sales:
  6. The more you spend...
  7. How often do you shop:
  8. Sales are:
  9. You normally wear a size 8, however the size 8 shirt you tried on is a little snug, you...
  10. You measure the success of your shopping trip by:

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Quiz topic: Am I a savvy shopper?