Are you Myspace Savvy?

There are many smart myspacer's out there in the world, but do you think you have what it takes to become a Savvy Myspacer? See if your brain can handle the quiz.

Do you think your Savvy enough on Myspace that you can ace this quiz? What if you fail and you can't be called a myspacer. Life just wouldn't be the same. Take a few seconds and see if you're a Savvy Myspacer!

Created by: Myspace Savvy

  1. How many bulletins can you legally post a day?
  2. Can people find you even when you set your profile to private?
  3. What does phishing mean?
  4. Why are the Simpons and Family Guy featured so much on Myspace.Com?
  5. Can you put Javascript into your myspace profile?
  6. How many friends will Tom let you have?
  7. Can people find true love on myspace?
  8. When you are online can you "hide" from people?
  9. How many times a day can you legally log into myspace without getting in trouble?
  10. Where does Tom Live?
  11. If you write someone an email, can you check to see if they read it or not?
  12. Can your parent's see your myspace?
  13. Can your parents check your email on myspace?
  14. Are wierdo's on myspace?
  15. What is the best web site for myspace "stuff?"

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