How animal savvy are you?

Test how animal savvy you are with these unique True or False questions. Some answers may surprise you so don't jump to conclusions. Are you an animal expert?

These facts and more can be found in my Adventures of Riley books. They are developed in conjunction with scientists from around the world. Tomorrows scientists are reading with Riley today!

Created by: Allison

  1. Tigers live in Africa
  2. Polar bears are found in Antarctica
  3. A giraffe baby can walk within 15 minutes of birth
  4. Tarantulas can be smaller than a grain of rice
  5. A mother orangutan will use her body to form a bridge between two trees so that her baby can climb across
  6. A bald eagle can take up to 3 months to build its nest
  7. There are only two species of moray eels
  8. Spinner dolphins can spin up to 7 times in a single jump
  9. Jaguars can't swim
  10. Cockroaches don't have wings

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Quiz topic: How animal savvy am I?