What kind of shopper are you?

Shopping is something that not all of us are good at, but many of us are. For example: Some people just go to look and some go to really shop. Also, some people shop at the mall and some prefer small shops.

Take this quiz and you will find out if your a Paris or...just not really a big time shopper. But please remember that we are all unique and shopping can be fun no matter how you do it!

Created by: Allie

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  1. Do you prefer a mall or small shops?
  2. When you "shop", do you really shop or do you go eat first, then play some games?
  3. When you get ready to go shopping, do you plan on...
  4. Whattypes of stores are your favorite?
  5. When you shop who do you like to go with you?
  6. What kind of purse do you shop with?
  7. Who do you normally shop to buy for?
  8. If the mall is farther away than the small shps which will you go to?
  9. How many times a month do you shop?
  10. Do you prefer shopping online or "in person?"

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Quiz topic: What kind of shopper am I?