Do you know gothic romance?

Many books, movies, songs, paintings, and sculptures fall into the gothic romance genre. True gothic romantics can spot tell-tale goth characteristics a mile away.

Are YOU a gothic romantic genius? Do you have what it takes to spot the gothic in the arts? Take this quiz to find out just how much you know your goth!

Created by: Mrsweidig
  1. A gothic romance would most likely be set in/on
  2. The male lead in a gothic romance is most likely
  3. The female lead in a gothic romance is
  4. If a woman were to be kept somewhere against her will in a gothic romance, she would most likely be kept
  5. Male leads in gothic romances have what color hair?
  6. Female leads in gothic romances are routinely described as
  7. The adult male lead in a gothic romance will
  8. The female lead in gothic romances is
  9. The building in which the major portion of the gothic romance takes place is
  10. Which would NOT make an appearance in a gothic romance?
  11. The male lead primarily wears what color?
  12. What will the female lead NOT find in a gothic romance?
  13. The male lead may be hiding all of the following EXCEPT
  14. At the climax point in every gothic romance, the weather must be
  15. All gothic romances will mention a particular aspect of home decor. Which one?

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Quiz topic: Do I know gothic romance?