What's Your Gothic Sub-Stereotype?

A goth is an individual, often young in age, who is characterized mostly by association with other goths. Stereotypes surrounding them pain a picture, so to speak, of a bleak-hearted, dramatic, dark-clad pessimist with a distaste for the "establishment," and this is often accurate.

Are you a goth? If so, how much of this description fits you? Which of the many gothic tendencies do you embrace? I will attempt to determine these using the Madjikal Chart of Gothiness, which will measure you "score" on two different goth-oriented scales, and tweak the outcome a bit based on a few unrelated questions to determine your gothic sub-category. WARNING: This quiz is rather short, by my standards, and I do plan on adding more, so check this page often!

Created by: E Lunatic
  1. I sincerely appologise for the following question: What is your favourite colour?
  2. How are you feeling right now?
  3. Scenario: You've been contacted via telephone by a telemarketer advertising a carpet cleaning service. How likely are you to ask whether said service is able to remove goat blood?
  4. Scenario: A classmate or coworker is harassing you because of your style of dress. How do you react?
  5. Do you hate the world?
  6. Where would you prefer to live?
  7. Who would you prefer to meet?
  8. Complete this Latin phrase: Ego est _____ et sanguinem canis parvus bibeo.
  9. Of these, which would you be more likely to read?
  10. Which form of entertainment would you be more likely to engage in?
  11. Ω

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Quiz topic: What's my Gothic Sub-Stereotype?