to be emo or not to be emo

So do you consider yourself emo,or do some of your friends accuse you of fitting into this up and coming stereotype? Well what is emo anyway? Emo is a stereotype of a emotional,quiet, and somewhat gender confused individual.

Do you tend to wear black,and borrow the opposite gender's jeans?Well then, you may just be emo!Take this handy little quiz so you can figure out whether you're truly emo or just a goth gone wrong!

Created by: kelly
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. which of the following would you suggest as a band name?
  2. Are you dark and sensitive with low self esteem?
  3. Do you listen to hawthorne heights and dashboard?
  4. can you get your hair to do that flippy thingy?
  5. do you jump around when you go to shows?
  6. do you play guitar and write suicide notes?
  7. do your sisters jeans look great on you?
  8. would you rather play xbox or original nintendo
  9. have you made out with someone of the same sex, yet claim to be straight?
  10. what's your favorite color?

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