how gothic are you?

there are many gothics out there and many posers, so just remember, as long as you hate the world because it's basically doomed itself, wear the black, and listen to music others might find strange you're all good

are you a true gothic or are you another posser many people hate. with this quiz you'll see if your true to your word and not a friggin liar. come inside and be as honest as you can.

Created by: adam gomes
  1. how much do you hate people?
  2. what's your favorite store
  3. what do you do in your spare time
  4. what's your favorite band?
  5. what is your thought of death
  6. what would you honestly rate your life from 1-10 (1-terrible 10-pinch me im dreaming)
  7. did you like this quiz
  8. guess what it isnt over, so what's your favorite color
  9. what do you really consider yourself
  10. what are you gonna do next friday

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Quiz topic: How gothic am I?