Gothic or Girly?

Some people like to be a Goth because they think that these goths are the coolest people around. Some goths are satanists, which is an anti-God religion. People likes goths, too, because these goths are quiet people. Don't be scared of them, though, they don't kill people.

Some people are also girly, who loves shopping so much that they want to live in the mall. But some people are undecided-whether they're gothic or girly. Of course, this quiz will be your answer to find out if you're gothic or girly.

Created by: kristine
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What's you're favorite color?
  2. What mythical creature do you like?
  3. What shoes are your type?
  4. What set of these names would you chose?
  5. What holiday do you prefer?
  6. Favorite Band?
  7. Favorite Animal?
  8. Favorite Hairstyle?
  9. What kind of Movie?
  10. What part do you want to have in a band?

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