Are you girly but a boy

There are many people that can be girly but are boys and men some are under 18 some over 18 some are even 60 but there are such kind of people.There are such kind of people all over the world.But one thing is for sure there are also not such kind of people.

Are you girly or not.Do you like dong girl stuff.You can only wonder and ask yourself:Am I girly.But now thanks to this quiz you can now find out just complete it and the truth will be revealed for you and maybe for someone else of you family that does the quiz.

Created by: viktor
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. If you are a boy and nobody is home at your house will you watch Winx.
  2. Do you love pink.
  3. Do you like going much to the mall.
  4. Do you hug your dad and mom when they do something good for you.
  5. Do you like to watch a film that is about romance
  6. If one of you friends or classmates says hello girlfriend what will you say.
  7. If your girlfriend sayd:Let's watch a film with ponyes what will you say
  8. What do you want the results to be for you at this quiz.
  9. What do you think the result will be for you at this quiz
  10. Do you like your teachers if you are at school or people that aren't going to school now did you like your teachers.

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Quiz topic: Am I girly but a boy