How Girly Are You?

Are you girly, or more the rugged type? Do shoes make you feel all tingly inside, or would you rather be strutting around in your Chucks? This quiz will determine your girly factor.

This quiz will help you determine how girly you are, based on highly scientific factors, such as diet Coke intake, shoe preference, and chocolate consumption.

Created by: Dirty Little
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  1. How addicted are you to diet soda?
  2. If someone says chocolate, you go:
  3. What's your take on shoes?
  4. How do you love your hair?
  5. How bad is your purse?
  6. If nothing else was on TV, which of these would you prefer to watch?
  7. If you could win a prize on a game show, which would you pick?
  8. Do you consider yourself girly?
  9. Do you own any of the following: flavored lip balm (Chapstick doesn't count), heels higher than 3 inches, a copy of Pride and Prejudice, or a subscription to a fashion magazine?
  10. And the most important one of all - Do you have to pee twice as often as the men you hang out with?

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Quiz topic: How Girly am I?