How Kind Are You?

In this world, kindness is a bit of an issue. There are the mean people who will possibly get beat up or worse, killed. Then there are the kind people, the people others abuse. Which one are you? Kind or mean.

This quiz has questions that will accurately show you how kind you are. Remember to tell the truth or you'll be in big trouble. I have nothing more to say for now so start this quiz and answer the question of "how kind are you?".

Created by: Slayerbrine

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  1. How many times have you helped a senior citizen?
  2. Have you helped somebody to do something because they said"can you help me do something?"without knowing what your suppose to be doing?
  3. Would you take a hit for a stranger?
  4. Would you give a stranger anything he asked?
  5. How many hours of community service have you done?
  6. How much would you charge a friend for babysitting?
  7. Your a teenager who knows his/her rights and this person asks for sex and he says he/she needs to know how it feels like you respond.
  8. Would you let a friend borrow an item if he/she would give it back at a fixed time?
  9. Would You compliment a friend who feels down?
  10. Would you do anything a friend would ask you?

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Quiz topic: How Kind am I?